Company History

SEAMLESS PROMOTIONS was created after Dusty & Laci Boyce purchased “Sewtown”, an Embroidery and apparel Decorating business located in Florence, Montana in operation since 2013. Due to “SewTown” being a Sole proprietor owned company, Dusty & Laci created a new Brand and transferred the assets of the acquisition to SEAMLESS.

Dusty and Laci are lifelong residents of the area. 
Both attended Florence Carlton School from K-12 and have a deep passion for this community and its members. 

Dusty spent his career as a vital piece of the 
exponential growth of his local family business, Boyce Lumber. He brings years of managerial and small business ownership success. 

Laci studied business finance at the U of M and 
MSU. She spent her career diversifying her experience, between finance, corporate law and marketing.

They decided to create a company together that would allow them to immerse themselves in their community. They are dedicated to use Seamless Promotions as a vessel, allowing them to give back to the place they’ve always called home. 


Fundraisers & Charities

The foundation of our business practices are to give back to the community in which we live. We offer organizations, groups or individuals seeking to raise funds for a charitable cause the ability to setup an online link that we can manage funds and provide services to raise those funds.

Setup & Management of online Micro Stores

Ability to set up custom on line stores for schools, businesses, or corporations. These stores can be completely independent to our clients or can be directly integrated with Seamless Promotions all for items we produce for organizations.